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Since 1997, Deutsche Telekom has invested more than $1 billion in over 200 companies. Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners is building on that heritage through a new approach. Our platform provides the agility and flexibility of an autonomous investment vehicle with the strength and resources of our corporate sponsor – the best of both worlds. Selected companies are shown below.

  • Anomali delivers critical threat intelligence capabilities, allowing organizations to detect, investigate and respond to serious external threats. It integrates with internal infrastructure to identify new attacks, or search forensically over the past year to discover existing breaches, and enables security teams to quickly understand and contain threats.
  • Dynamic Yield’s advanced customer segmentation engine uses Machine Learning to build actionable customer segments in real time, enabling marketers to take instant action via personalization, recommendations, automatic optimization, and real-time messaging. Its technology automatically personalizes each customer interaction across the web, mobile web, mobile apps and email.
  • LeanIX helps companies make better and faster decisions on how to manage and constantly optimize their IT architecture with their Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application. The startup establishes the 360-degree transparency needed to reduce complexity in a company’s IT landscape, ensures compliance and enables growth through adopting state-of-the-art technology.
  • Swiss Towers AG is the first independent TowerCo in Switzerland. Its tower portfolio consists of 2,239 sites in strategic locations across the country. The company has been carved out of Sunrise Communications AG, the second largest MNO (Mobile Network Operator) in Switzerland and comprises c. 95% of Sunrise’s previous network of towers and sites in Switzerland.
  • Fornova’s patented data gathering technology generates transparency and actionable insights within the hotel industry. It provides business intelligence and rate integrity analysis for all participants in the highly competitive online travel market by scanning, extracting and analysing large amounts of information from a vast range of providers.
  • Aryaka’s Global SD-WAN combines a purpose-built private network, SD-WAN, optimization and acceleration techniques, connectivity to cloud platforms, and network visibility in a single solution that is delivered as a service. It thusly transforms how global enterprises connect sites and users worldwide, and use mission-critical applications to support modern business execution demands.
  • AppsFlyer offers mobile attribution and marketing analytics, making the marketing industry more measurable. It delivers independent, unbiased, and previously unattainable data and innovative tools to measure a company's marketing ROI with very high precision.
  • Paxata provides an Adaptive Information Platform that enables business analysts with an enterprise-grade self-service data preparation system to support the on-demand and ad-hoc business data need for analytics, operations, and regulatory requirements.
  • NS1 leverages DNS (domain name systems) providing intelligent traffic management for mission-critical applications on the Internet, with features that give customers the ability to absorb a myriad of metrics in order to make automatic routing decisions in real-time.
  • SafeBreach provides practical and continuous security solutions through a “hacker’s view” of an enterprise's security risks, allowing it to quantify cyber threats as they evolve and mitigate them effectively.
  • Nexmo is a provider of a set of cloud-based communication APIs designed to remove the pain of integrating with multiple carriers from developers and enterprises.
  • Fireglass eliminates common attack vectors against browsers, emails, documents and Web apps by executing and rendering malicious content within secure containers and sending a safe visual feeds.
    Aquired by Symantec Corp., 2017
  • Morphisec thwarts hackers with their own weapons by exploiting advanced threat tactics like deception, modification and polymorphism.
  • STRATO is one of Europe’s biggest hosting companies with more than 1.4 million customers across six countries.
    Acquired by United Internet, 2017
  • Scout24 is a leading operator of digital marketplaces specializing in the real estate and automotive sectors in Germany and other selected European countries.
    Divested in June 2017
  • Ströer is a big digital multi-channel media company that offers its advertising customers individualized and fully integrated premium communication solutions.
  • T-Online is the leading German internet portal with 20 million unique users. It enables users to access services including email, media center and sharing downloads.
  • Demandware, the category leader of enterprise cloud-commerce solutions, empowers the world’s top retailers to continuously innovate in a complex, consumer-driven world.
    IPO, 2012
  • Replay Techhnologies’ video content creates a revolutionary viewing experience for everyone, including new viewing angles and un-manned cameras where none existed in reality.
  • Danger provided the software platform and hardware behind T-Mobile’s Sidekick phone.
  • The industry leading provider of high performance, scalable broadband-over-copper solutions. The solutions are turning copper into a strategic asset that enables delivering reliable, high-speed Ethernet services and broadband access to more places faster and more effectively.
  • Affirmed Networks develops a next generation distributed packet core network. This smart edge network solution will provide major packet core functionalities like Serving Gateway and Packet Data Network Gateway but also integrate new features such as Video Caching, Ad Insertion and Content Delivery Network.
  • Aliph develops products and services for mobile devices such as headsets and wireless speakers. The company is the creator of JAMBOX and BIG JAMBOX wireless speakers, the Jawbone ERA and ICONTM Bluetooth headsets, and Noise Assassin technology.
  • AppNexus provides trading solutions and powers marketplaces for Internet advertising. Its open, unified, and powerful programmatic platform empowers customers to more effectively buy and sell advertising media, allowing them to innovate, differentiate, and transform their businesses.
  • With about 80 million broadband lines under contract with top-tier service providers worldwide, ASSIA software and services deliver the performance and reliability needed to launch exciting next-generation services and help service providers improve the consumer’s broadband experience.
  • Benocs provides a software for network traffic management to operators and service providers. Its Flow Director software offers a combined approach of selective network monitoring, network state prediction and cooperative traffic steering.
  • Blue Jeans Network makes video communications as easy and pervasive as audio communications, enabling more effective collaboration at work, at home, and on the road. Their cloud-based conferencing service enables people to connect with each other any time, any place, and from practically any device.
  • Boku creates frictionless payment systems allowing a mobile phone number to be used as a safe and secure payment instrument. In 2009, the company partnered with mobile operators around the world to enable their subscribers to purchase virtual and digital goods simply using their mobile number.
  • Callsign is a mobile application that allows its users to securely access websites and keep their personal details private. The app has been developed with the highest security standards built in, similar to those used by banks.
  • Virtual appliance or hosted service to secure sensitive customer data across multiple public and private cloud applications, including Salesforce, Chatter, Google Apps, Amazon Web Services, Box, Dropbox, Exchange without impacting functionality or performance.
  • Vendor of a software for web content management, and so called “Web Experience”, creating a contents management system, digital rights management system and Web TV products.
  • Creators Media brands include Movie Pilot, Now Loading, and Champions, home to over 32 million entertainment fans. As both a platform and a social publishing company, they empower fans to communicate with each other and create content distributed to over 32 million fans worldwide.
  • Cuculus is a leading supplier of scalable smart metering, smart home and smart grid software solutions with open interfaces towards backend systems and web portals. The company serves energy suppliers, grid operators, metering companies, telco companies and IT departments in Germany and Europe.
  • German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) GmbH was founded in 1988 as a Public-Private Partnership (PPP). DFKI is in the field of innovative software technology based on artificial intelligence techniques the leading economic research center in Germany.
  • DocuSign provides a cloud-based electronic signature platform designed to replace printing, faxing, scanning and overnighting documents. The company's platform enables users to sign and send legally binding documents from any device and store those in the cloud.
  • enfore offers a business platform paired with a collection of versatile, easy to use apps that run on smartphones, tablets, computers and the enfore business devices. With this, enfore is helping small businesses around the world to run their business – fast, easy and affordable.
  • ETA Devices develops and commercializes reference design, production and licenses for a new asymmetric multi-level power amplifier architecture on a single chip (digital ASIC) with applications in both mobile terminal devices and LTE base stations.
  • Mobile gaming company of former founder of Gamesforge. The company publishes studio games through its fast growing networks. Its well established freemium business model (f2p) is based on selling virtual goods inside the games. It has 10+ mobile games and assets in games content.
  • Fon is a global WiFi network that operates a system of dual access wireless networks. Today the company is a global WiFi leader with over 18 million hotspots in more than 100 countries.
  • Gini develops and offers cloud based solutions and semantic analytic software in the space of paperless office and fintech for banks, insurance and small medium businesses.
  • Global Savings Group is a leading provider of savings platforms that offer users opportunities to save on shopping in a wide range of sectors. Every month millions of users worldwide make significant savings on online shopping by using the deals offered on the group’s platforms.
  • GlobeTouch provides global connectivity services for devices with its ecosystem of operator partners, device manufacturers, and mobile-OS companies, and enterprises. The company connects smartphones, M2M devices, connected cars, tablets and MiFi devices.
  • High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF) is Germany’s most active seed stage investor. With EUR 576 million under management, they provide financing for technology-driven companies active in a wide range of fields, including robotics, IoT, energy, Medtech, Biotech, chemicals and software. 
  • HipPlay provides embedded and cloud digital home media server and media aggregator platforms, giving consumers direct access to their personal digital media wherever it is stored - at home, in the cloud and on social media.
  • HMM provides an e-Commerce platform for the health care market to connect service providers (e.g. for orthopedic means, patient transport, physiotherapy) with health insurance companies. It allows provisioning, settlement and payment of health care services and products.
  • IMMMR offers a network-independent wireless communication app which enables users to access mobile numbers, calls, messages and contacts from any device.
  • Innovid delivers immersive advertising with the tools to create, deliver, and measure video campaigns, in any format, on any screen, publisher, or ad network. Innovid built its Ad Server to address the issues specific to video ad serving and simplify the process for agencies and marketers.
  • Inuitive provides a chip solution for 3D computer vision and Natural User Interfaces (NUI) for CE devices that integrates all sorts of human-device-interaction (head movements, gaze tracking, finger movement tracking, face and expression recognition, voice).
  • Kumu Networks enables systems with using full duplex wireless design. It allows to transmit and receive signals at the same time using a single frequency channel. The company‘s self-interference cancellation technology thereby doubles the spectral efficiency.
  • Lookout protects mobile handsets and tablets from spyware and malware. Additional services are backup, locating of missing devices, and web-based data management. Behavioral App analysis can successfully prevent day-zero attacks.
  • MGRID offers a full-stack database solution for healthcare that includes data model, message transformation, dataset creation and exploration. Their new database technology is the only one that supports all high-level data-exchange standards.
  • Mojio is an open platform that offers a solution for the rapid deployment of secure and scalable aftermarket connected car services to enterprise customers, including mobile operators, automotive equipment manufacturers, car dealers, service centers, auto insurers, and fleets.
  • Motionlogic collects anonymous signaling data from the mobile communication and WiFi network and provides analysis of traffic and movement streams.
  • myThings is the global leader in conversion-driven personalized display advertising solutions, growing sales at scale for the top online retailers in Europe. Its service propels acquisition through retargeting, pre-targeting and look-alike targeting, generating over 150% uplift compared to the targeting industry standard.
  • The Next Generation Enterprise Network Alliance (ngena) platform provides international network services for business customers. It offers a hybrid VPN with additional service options. The physical and virtual network assets will be managed through Intercloud hubs in Europe, America and Asia using automated provisioning. .
  • Leading provider of IP address infrastructure solutions for Global 2000 companies. High-scalability and high-availability solutions allow service providers to deliver a telecommunications infrastructure that supports the rapidly growing demand for new services, and allows enterprises to create resilient and reliable networks.
  • Numecent is developing a 'cloudpaging' technology that allows rapid, secure and friction-free provisioning of native applications from the cloud through virtualization.
  • OneAccess designs and sells multiservice broadband access routers designed for telecom carriers’ networks. These routers enable carriers to offer value-added services to its business customers.
  • Pinger is a proprietary, cross-platform texting and calling app for smartphones that lets its users text and talk free with the other users. Their market-leading communications products have been downloaded by millions of iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android users around the world.
  • Portavita developed a multidisciplinary Chronic Disease Management System (SaaS based) which enables the cooperation between caretakers in different health organizations and strengthens the involvement of chronic patients in their treatment.
  • Ranovus develops and commercializes multi-terabit interconnect solutions for data center and communications networks. Its broad range of applications include intra data center, inter data center connectivity and wireless backhaul of LTE-advanced networks.
  • Roambee provides on-demand shipment monitoring services of goods and assets in-transit and in-field by using an automated Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking software that enables users to locate, map and monitor shipment schedules via an Application Program Interface (API) platform and mobile applications.
  • SCVNGR offers a pay phone app called LevelUp, which lets you pay with your phone at thousands of places to save time and money. For merchants, LevelUp is a high-tech loyalty program that leverages mobile payments and customer analytics to help local businesses grow.
  • ShareThis has developed an advertising platform based on social data. The technology enables the tracking and profiling of the user’s social behavior (i.e. sharing content on social networks) and targeted advertising based on the collected data.
  • Skorpios integrates optical communication sub-systems into a single chip. It enables the generation, detection and modulation of light to be monolithically integrated with existing complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor technologies on a single chip to transfer scale and economics of the silicon industry into optical communication.
  • Smarkets provides a social and simple way to bet on sport, TV shows and politics. The company has developed a light weight, real-time exchange that can process hundreds of transactions per second. Their vision is to make betting more transparent and to eventually price bookmakers out of the market.
  • Streetlight Data is a mobility analytics company that provides software solutions to transportation engineering firms, retailers and real estate developers allowing them to determine how people and specific target groups move around over periods of time or analyze a location’s relation to visitors’ home and work places.
  • Swyx develops and markets an intelligent IP-based telephony software solution as a customer premise equipment - as well as a cloud solution. The company's stated goal is to complement or completely replace traditional private branch exchanges with a software based IP telephony solution.
  • Tarana offers wireless transport products using radio frequencies below 6 GHz. The target markets include wireless backhaul of mobile network base stations and in particular small cell sites, wireless backhaul of WiFi, Fixed Broadband Wireless Access and wireless broadband connectivity to SMEs.
  • Teqcycle offers network operators, manufacturers and retailers a certified, multi-step take back and reuse program offering full transparency on the refurbishment and resale process, addressing the consumer and the corporate market.
  • The Digitale delivers Content Marketing strategies, the design of websites, apps and social media channels as well as Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Advertising.
  • Uhana develops mobile network operations architecture. The company provides re-architecting of mobile networks by bringing in real-time data analytics, machine learning and agile cloud software to control the network.
  • Vigour has created a development platform to build connected applications that run on any device — converging multiple interfaces into one fluid experience through the cloud. Using this technology, they provide a contextual white label ‘over-the-top’ video platform for broadcasters, studios, online video providers.
  • ZenMate encrypts browser traffic, hides real location, unblocks geo-restrictions, provides Wifi and hacker security and protects user‘s privacy.
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We focus on great ideas with the potential to disrupt. We pay attention to entrepreneurs and managers who not only have a great vision, but more importantly have the ability to execute it. We are disciplined about valuation and sensitive about identifying risk and understanding reward. In this respect, we regard technology as an asset class.